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Collaboration Across Europe

Recognizing the organizations in Europe that are aligned with the Ride 4 Dray's mission, and who agreed to have their logos with hyperlink to their websites and/or social media sites presented here.  I was humbled to meet each of these organizations, and thrilled to learn about the great work they are doing in their countries to help children fighting cancer.  Thank you!

Mountain Ridge


Aligning efforts in the fight against childhood cancer!

RICC Gib.jpg
sonrisas_sin_cancer logo.jpg
Pas a Pas logo.jpg
Floga logo 1.jpeg
Oncology Mothers Turkey logo.jpg
Childrens Health of Ireland.jpg
Elpida logo 2.jpeg
SANO logo, Skopje.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-02 205211.png
Firefly logo2.jpg
Kacuv logo_Turkey.jpg
NURDOR Logo.jpeg
future collaborators.jpg
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