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Hang on Sloopy!

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Week 2 - Days 11, 12, 13 ... Ohio flew by in a flurry. Powered by Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili, Tony Packos 3-way, and Cleveland Grub. Ohio is my kind of foodie state, love it or hate it!

Cincinnati's skyline from the Kentucky side of the Ohio river was welcoming site at 6 am as I prepared for my ride through the Buckeye state.

Cincinnati's very own Ken Jenkins was first to greet me in the Buckeye state. The views from the RSM office are spectacular. And to set the stage for my Ohio food experience, an obligatory stop for lunch at Skyline's flagship location was the exclamation point on my stop in the Queen City.

A stop by Cincinnati Children's and Dayton Children's capped my all too brief of a visits to southwestern Ohio. So much looking forward to returning to both of these leading children's hospitals for proper visits in the future post-COVID world.

In Dayton I was greeted by none other than Todd Pleiman and Jay Moeller, and then onto Columbus, where Bill Petrus gave me a tour of the office currently under renovation.

The serpentine route through Ohio led me to Maumee, where I met with longtime friends and colleagues from Gilmore Jasion & Mahler - Kevin Gilmore, Linda Hillstrom, Jaimee Weaver & Greg Taylor.

The home of the Rock n' Roll HOF, Mabel's BBQ - with a menu of scrumptious delights by Cleveland's Iron Chef, Michael Symons, was my final foodie stop in Ohio. Each conference room is themed after a HOF group or artist makes for a fun and entertaining office environment. Dave Andrews, Ohio Market Leader, Mary Mullen, Sue Sabo and Lori Kalic, graciously made me feel very welcomed, fed me and wished me well, as i rode off east toward PA and NY.

Hang on Sloopy! (click this hyperlink to watch the original video on Youtube) And even though the McCoys were formed in Indiana, the founding band members, the Zehringer brothers - Rick and Randy, were originally from Fort Recovery, OH. Their 1965 #1 hit, Hang on Sloopy, is recognized as the official rock song of the state of Ohio, and the unofficial fight song of "the" Ohio State University Buckeyes. Go Buckeyes!

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