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Port Washington, home of Fish Day - the World's Largest One Day Fish Fry!

Port is a beautiful little town nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan about 30 miles north of Milwaukee. An idyllic location where I lived during my elementary school years, K - 7th grades. Rich memories from an era gone by - where a child's imagination, creativity and playing outdoors was our source of entertainment. No internet, no cell phones, no cable TV, and only 4 TV channels: ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS, limited the amount of time glued to the tube.

Port is a special place. We were constantly reminded of this after my family moved to Bloomington, IL in the summer of 1972. When living in Port, every year family and friends would travel far to visit us there in Port. Those visits dried up when we lived among the cornfields of Illinois.

My Ride 4 Dray would be incomplete without a stop over in Port Washington.

Fresh Lake Perch... yummy!

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