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23 one of the GOATs

Two guesses to my R4D blog followers, only one guess if your from Chicago (that's a clue for everyone else)

Days 2 3 in a nutshell

Day 2 - Altoona, IA to Rochester, MN, via stops at RSM offices in Des Moines, Waterloo and Mason City. 323 miles, 7 hours, =37,500 fitbit steps

  • Beautiful countryside scenery but the darn "October" cold front with gusting winds made the ride more challenging than the 420+ on day 1.

  • I-35 northbound traffic out of Des Moines was 85+ mph. My 800# Harley holds firm to the road, but the windchill at that speed with ambient temperature of 60 - 65f, is about -30: a bit chilly. My rain gear came in handy. No time for pics along the way.

  • Cousin Bonnie's pear zucchini bread with black coffee was the perfect kickstart to my day.

  • RSM partners Rod Foster, Jeff Johannesen, Kevin Prien, Jim Moore and Jessica Parker helped document my stops

  • My only thought while passing thru Mason City - I understood why Opheim moved away after school

  • Heeding the advice of whoever "they" is, in "they said", pictures paint a thousand words - my narrative for the last 3 days will be limited, and let the pics tell the rest of the story.

Day 3 - Rochester to Minneapolis, via the west side of Big Muddy, the Mississippi River. 122 miles, 5 hours, =24,500 fitbit steps

  • Photo stops at RSM's Rochester office, Mayo Clinic and Children's of Minnesota

  • A beautiful scenic route north through Lake City, meandering into St Paul before stopping at Doug Opheim's twin city condo.

  • 2 virtual happy hours at Doug's place ensured. The first with the old guard - Mike Kirely, Jim Morton, Craig Radke (Don Lipari had electrical blackout, unfortunately couldn't join) Followed by the whole gang from the RSM Alliance, including Dean Sengstock & Steve Kampa, in person - Thank You All!

  • Doug upheld is culinary reputation with an outstanding meal - perfectly grilled filet's, corn on the cob and twisty pasta.

  • Manhattan lessons learned - "respect the barrel" - Opheim's special Manhattan mix - bourbon with tawny port instead of sweet vermouth. Two three finger pours later and night night! .

In honor of my son Seth, and all firefighters - I made a special stop at Minnesota's Fallen Firefighter's Memorial in St Paul

It doesn't get any better than this!

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