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A salute to our Armed Services - active and veterans

Each day is filled with so much new info to digest, document and then replay in this blog. I am committed to keep this updated, but admittedly a difficult thing to do after a 350 mile day. End of Day 9's ride brought me into Evansville, IN. Luckily bisected the bad weather. Cedar Rapids was horribly hit today and the massive storm front is just now entering southern Indiana.

Now let me catch you up on the last couple of days, starting with my final ode to Port Washington.

Day 6 started at 6 am with the first coffee served at Smith Bros coffee located catty corner from the Harborview Hotel. Back in the day this was the site of Smith Bros retail fish shop, that was a small part of a the Fish Shanty complex that included a bar and full service restaurant. Smith Bros was the "go to" restaurant in town and attracted regulars who traveled from Chicago and farther away.

Cup of mud in hand, I retraced steps of boyhood fun along the harbor. So much has changed in the last 50 years, but so much has stayed the same. The "anchor", center-piece of many family photos, still adorns the harbor walk. The big coal piles are long gone but the power plant, still keeps Ozaukee County electrified.

As I entered the park from the shore, I came across this plaque with a poignant quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes that hit the bullseye of my Ride 4 Dray. The message was clear - Keep Going!

The band shell is the center-piece of Veteran's Memorial Park, emblazoned with the American flag in recognition and honor of all armed services personnel - active and veterans. A trip to Port is not complete without visiting this part. A grateful salute to all who have and still are serving and protecting our freedom. Thank you!

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