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Go Pack Go!!!

The fun and enthusiastic jingle bellowed by Packer fans the world over, appropriately applies to how to efficiently pack the bike for this 60 day road trip. Many have been asking me, "what's in the bag, how do you pack, etc?"

Here I am, day 15 in Buffalo, NY, taking a day off from riding to catch up on past due blogs, and rest for the push through the northeastern U.S. So for those of you interested to know, here is a brief walk thru how and what I pack.

It starts with an empty Harley luggage bag that straps to the bike. Essential gear includes packing cubes, 5 days of riding clothes, toiletries, cargo shorts, swim trunks, and flip flops. Freshly washed shirt, socks, underwear each day, requires washing every 5th day. Some of my buddies suggest 10 days, if I turn the underwear inside out.... NOT HAPPENING HERE! :-) Dirty clothes rolled and packed in a garbage bag.

Riding clothes conveniently fit in the bottom. Laptop slides into the middle. Toiletries, GoPro and other electronics fit perfectly in the top section. No room for spare shoes, but just enough room for a pic of Dray and big brother Duke to join me for every mile ahead.

The luggage bag doubles as a perfect backrest too. (Here during a brief rest on day 13, in Barcelona, NY, along the coast of Lake Erie, between Erie, PA and Buffalo.)

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