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"On a long lonesome highway, East of Omaha, can listen to the engine...Here I am, On the road again ... Here I go, Turn the page."

Wheels up out of Dan & Karla's with coordinates zeroed in on Milwaukee the home of Harley-Davidson, where I meet up with my niece, Taylor, and her bf, Joe (Giuseppe), at the H-D Museum complex. A must see venue, even for non-bikers. Dan provided force-field chaperone service along the 90 mile ride. First stop, RSM's Milwaukee office to mark the 14th of 60+ office visits.

Milwaukee is not only famous for motorcycles, at one time over two dozen breweries were quenching the insatiable thirsts of hard working Milwaukeens. Most notable were Pabst, Blatz, Schlitz and Miller.

And a lesser know, but critically important factoid about this city of beer and bikes, is the modern typewriter and the QWERTY keyboard system used the world over. In 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes, a journalist and printer from Milwaukee, patented the first typewriter, calling it, "a cross between a piano and a kitchen table."

Onward to document the final RSM stop in Wisconsin at the Janesville office. Beautiful postcard scenery along way, equal to the previous 6 days, so nothing new to share. My last fuel stop of the day, in Beloit, WI, pleasantly reminded that Wisconsin is - America's Dairyland.

And then Rockford, IL, shows up about 30 minutes later. Garmin was confused as I twisted along the highway parallel to I-39/90. Once I had a visual fix on the rooftop signage, I was able to navigate the rest of the way.

By the end of the day 7, I had added another 270 fun filled miles in my journey from Green Bay to the Rockford area.

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