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Pacesetters - the RSM Alliance team

Nearly half of my career with RSM has been devoted to helping create and build the RSM Alliance. Today the Alliance consists of a great team of professionals, who give their best everyday to the hundreds of independent CPA firms in the USA and Canada, that are members of the RSM Alliance today.

The Alliance team are pacesetters in living the values of RSM, not only when serving clients, but how they care for each other. They have created a very special collaborative community and culture across North America. I am so grateful to have worked with them, and for the life-long friendships that ensued.

Their collective support for Papa's Ride 4 Dray is the most recent example of the quality of the RSM Alliance team's character. They hosted a virtual happy hour at the end of Day 3, when I was at Doug Opheim's condo.

They overwhelmed me with a collective donation of $6,000 to the Ride 4 Dray. THANK YOU - RSM Alliance team!!!!!

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