• Jim Clarahan

Ride a mile, or 426, in my seat!

Day 1 done. 426 miles zigzagging my way from Peoria, IL to Altoona, IA. First stop was Galesburg to catch up with retired RSM partner, Tom Steil, who I first met in 1987, when I moved to Peoria. Second stop was RSM's new Davenport office where I was greeted by none other than Jim Kadavy, Brian and Mary Schoon with 7 mos old baby Evelyn. A brief encounter of bad weather forced me to breakout the rain gear on the way to Iowa City where I was greeted by Marty & Cindy Tunning. After Iowa City, I made a very brief stop by RSM's Cedar Rapids, and then onto Belle Plaine to meet my cousin, Bonnie Garvin.

Apologies to Tom and Marty - I documented my visits with you with video, and I have not learned how to post videos on this blog yet. Stay tuned for an update. Dino, Sinclair's famous dinosaur greeted my ride into and out of Iowa City - can't remember the last time I saw this guy.

Doesn't cousin Bonnie look great in the captain's seat of my bike. Belle Plaine, IA is where our moms were born and raised on a farm just north of town. Many family celebrations were enjoyed at the Beck farm located on the north side of town. An unscripted Norman Rockwell moment appeared as a young boy passed by on his antique John Deere.

Bonnie and I ventured to the Oak Hill Cemetery to visit G'ma & G'pa Becks grave site, followed by hugs and more well wishes as I headed southeast to Harper, IA, to pay respects to where my Clarahan ancestors first settled in the USA.

Beginning to end the first day totaled 426 miles.


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