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Time to fly

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Heard from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another ... little Dray's tumor has been bringing me down.

Talk is cheap, my son reminded me, as I was conjuring up this story about and epic ride for Dray. The story got so good and the tale grew taller ... its time for me to fly!!!

Introducing "Quackers" - a cool little guy with superhero aspirations. Quackers is the official mascot of the Ride4Dray, #ride4dray, and will be my trusty companion for the next 60 days.

During which he will be fine-tuning his super powers to kick kids' cancer's butt!

Quackers was conjured up one fun, pre-COVID day, when little Drayson, big brother Duke, Mimi and Papa were driving around town. We were playing an animal sound game, asking each other "what does a _____ (fill in animal) say? And Dray blurts, "Hey Papa, 'duck fries'", instead of 'duck flies'. Gut busting laughter followed that encouraged Dray to repeat 'duck fries' every other minute. He didn't stop until he was tucked away for bed that night. And that day Quackers was born.

See y'all soon. Wish me luck and keep the prayers flowing for Dray!!!!!

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