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Windy City and eastward

Week 2 - Day 8, Sunday Aug 9, started from just outside of Schaumburg, IL, the day before the dreaded Derecho devastated much of the Midwest. First stop, top the tanks, then RSM's Schaumburg office where I was greeted with hugs & high fives from two of my teammates, Monica Bravos & Olivia Song. Plus fresh black coffee to help kick start my day. Then onto Riverside, IL to say hello to lifelong pal, Les, wife Liz and his classic 350 Rocket, Oldsmobile Cutlass for a commemorative photo op.

Then a buzz down memory lane to 1038 N Grove Ave, Oak Park, IL. A two BR brick bungalow that my paternal grandparents, Lewis & Ina Clarahan, built in 1926, and where they lived for 65 years until my grandmother passed away in 1991 at age 94. Our grandfather, "Farf", as we affectionately nicknamed him, moved to Bloomington, IL, to live nearby my parents for his final three years. The new owners of the Oak Park house did a great job adding the 2nd story.

The Oak Park nursing home where grandma spent her final months, nicknamed my grandparents the "love birds". Every day during her final months, Farf would walk to/from the nursing home to be with his bride, "til death do us part", were more than just words to them.

OSW (One South Wacker), RSM US HQ up next. A straight shot down Madison Street from Oak Park. Ninety-five (95) miles later I am rolling by RSM's South Bend office and then onto Elkhart where I am greeted by the infamous Jim Morton.

Jim & Karla Morton were gracious hosts, inviting me to be their first guest to stay in their new home, just a few miles away from the office. Reminiscing 40 years of RSM, finishing the bottle of 10 year old Bushmills Malt Irish whiskey, compliments of our great friend and "cuz", Patrick Norris, RSM UK Glasgow, was the perfect finish to the day.

Thank you, Jim & Karla!

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